June 26, 2012

New lazy collection @ Studio Blagovesta: Lazy Days

Hello everybody! :)

I'm back with a new super lazy collection for you! :) Yes, it's summer, I'm tired and already can't wait for my summer vacation! :)
The summer heat or fatigue of our busy everyday life sometimes has you just wanting to lay back and relax, lay in a hammock with a good book, watch tv and drink a coffee... and just relax and enjoy the lazy days. This is what inspired me to create this kit.... mmm lazy days :)

The collection is aready in my store at Scrapbookgraphics and it's on early bird SALE right now!

Let me show you what it includes:

Lazy Days: Page Kit

The kit includes 26 papers and 94 elements (65 of them unique and some of them in different color variations).
With this kit you get:
7 solid papers, 19 patterned/decorated papers, 3 large doodle flowers, 1 pile of books, 1 book (2 color versions), 1 book plate, 1 metal button, 1 doodle, cell phone, 1 doodle clock, 1 cocktail, 5 coffee cups, 1 date tag, 1 little doodle flower (6 different color versions), 1 flourish, 1 old polaroid frame, 1 doodle frame, 1 bracket frame (2 color versions), 1 wooden frame (2 color versions), 1 paper frame, 1 funky border, glasses, 1 paper heart in 2 different patterns, 1 journaling, leaves, 2 metal flowers, 1 doodle newspaper, 1 paper rose (in 5 different color and pattern variations), 5 ribbons, 1 ric-rac, 1 pillow (in 3 different colors), scatters, 1 sign "do not disturb", 1 sleeping birdie, 1 birdie in cage, 1 sofa (in two different patterns), 2 splatters, 1 stacked paper flower (in 7 different color variations), 1 stitched cardboard with ribbon, 2 stitchings (round and straight), 2 strings, 2 swirls (each in 3 different color variations), 1 tag on string, 1 talking bubble (in 2 color versions), 1 trin (in 2 color versions), 1 doodle tv, 2 word arts, 6 word strips (siesta, lazy day, good times, relax, live for the weekend, enjoy).
All elements and papers are created at 300 dpi in jpg (papers) and png (elements) format for quality printing.

If you like this kit, don't forget to check also these made to match add-ons:

Lazy Days: Alphas

Lazy Days Alphas are made to match Lazy Days page kit and add-ons. Includes one alpha in five different colors to mix and match.
Each alpha contains letters A-Z (upper and lower), numbers 0-9 and great variety of sybmols and punctuation.

Lazy Days: Clusters & Scatters


This pack of clusters and scatters is made to much Lazy Days collection.
Includes 6 shadowed ready to use clusters, 4 scatters, 1 paint splatter.

Lazy Days: Journals & Labels

A pack of journalings and labels made to match Lazy Days collection. Included here are 10 journals in different shape and size and 6 labels. All created at 300 dpi in png format.

Lazy Days: Cluster Frames

This pack of five Cluster Frames made with Lazy Days page kit will help you to save time creating your layouts.
The pack contains five shadowed clustered frames created at 300 dpi in png format.



INCLUDES: Full kit, Alphas, Cluster&scatters, Journals&Labels, Cluster Frames.

I hope you'll like it! :)

And as usually, let me show you some layouts made with this collection by the girl from my Creative team! I love their pages! Thank you girls! {hugs} :)

by Kimberly

by Jacqueline

by Katie

by Li Li

by Yvonne (yogovonne)

by Tanya

by Eleonora (LilisMother)

by Lisa

by Ophelia (navaja77)

And finally, I have a little freebie for you made with Lazy Days collection:


Thank you for stopping by! :)

Enjoy and happy scrapping!


June 21, 2012

CT Call

Hi friends! :)
I have few spots available in my Creative team!
If you think your style will fit mine and want to join us, then e-mail me at
and send me a link to your most complete gallery, a list of your current CT and few words about you.
Requirements: create a layout with each new product provided (usualy 1 or 2 per month), post the layouts to 3 galleries min including DST and SBG, promote my designs where it's possible (facebook, blog etc.)

I'll contact the girls who will join the team.
Thank you! :)


June 8, 2012

New Collection: It's the Small Things

Hello dear friends!  :)
I'm very excited to show you my new collection. It's about all these little happy everyday moments in our lives that we usualy forget, but that are what makes a man realy happy!
 page kit and made to mach add-ons exclusively at Scrapbookgraphics
The Bundle and all parts of the collection are on early bird price now

It's the Small Things - Page kit

What happiness is? Isn't it made up of all these small everyday things in our life that we usualy forget? Like a spontaneous kiss, a kind word, a smile, time spent with our loved ones...? I made this kit for all these happy little priceless moments because this is what makes a man realy happy.

The kit contains 18 papers and 91 elemens:
18 patterned/paited papers, 6 frames (2 unique and 5 in different color variations), 1 bunting/banners (in 2 different colors), 1 journaling card, 9 labels with word art (This moment is your life; All that matters; Beautiful; Love this; Just you&me; All you need; Cherish this; Believe; Together), 1 little doodle flower in 6 different colors, 1 paper flower with stitching in 7 different colors, 7 ribbons, 7 bunches of leaves, 1 felt flower in 5 different colors, 2 stacked felt flowers, 1 paper rose, 1 doodle heart in 2 colors, 1 sign (Stop and enjoy), 1 gold sun, 1 photo corner in 2 different colors, 1 staple (shadowed and not shadowed), 2 swirls, 1 string in 2 color variations, 1 stitching, 2 tapes, 1 flower stamp, 1 big doodle flower in 4 different colors, 2 foliages in 2 colors each, 1 butterfly in 3 different colors, 1 vintage vignette in 2 colors, 1 paisley flowers in 2 colors, 1 button, 2 splatters, 2 word arts. 

All elements and papers are created at 300 dpi for quality printing in png (elements) and jpg (papers) format.

If you like this kit, don't forget to check also these made to match add-ons: 

It's the small things Scatters&Clusters

It's the small things Flairs

It's the small things Solid papers

It's the small things Alphas


BYU THE BUNDLE and save $$!

Includes: Full kit, Alphas, Cluster & scatters, Solid papers, Flairs

And here is some layouts made by the so talented girls from my Creaive Team. Hope you'll find some inspiration! :)

by Eleonora (LilisMother)

by Csilla (Millu)

by Yvonne (LaLuna)

by Aly (AlyAngel)

by Jacqueline

by Ophelia (Navaja77)

by Simone (SiRo)

by Glynis (Gracelikerain)

by Kimberly Moris

by Yvonne (Yogovonne)

by Yvonne (Yogovonne) again

by Lisa Morgan (nurselisa)

And finally, I have a little gift for you - a Quick Page made with It's the Small Things Collection.

And  page with this QP:


Thank you for stopping here!

Enjoy, and happy scrapping! :)


June 4, 2012

New CU Strings pack

Hello hello! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as I had :)

I'm here to show you  a pack of strings that I just finished.

The pack includes 10 strings each in 6 different colors. All created at 300 dpi, png format.

Shadows are for preview only.

Commepcial use OK. No credit required.

 Hope you'll find them useful! :)

 Enjoy and happy scrapping!