August 24, 2019

New: Dino-mania - on early bird sale+FREE with purchase goodies

and on SALE all weekend:


This is a new version of one of my very first kits from 8-9 years ago. I made it especially for my daughter who was obsessed with dinosaurs when she was 4 and was running around the house rowr-ing like a dinosaur :)
The collection includes KIT and made to match CARDSboth on sale all weekend, and you can save even more if you get them in a BUNDLE.

Dino-mania {cards}

or buy the BUNDLE and save more

Like we've been doing all summer long, we also have a couple of amazing NEW free with purchase offers for you this weekend kicking off with a fantastic and fun kit from our newest featured designer, Janet Phillips! The next kit from our number inspired series will be yours free if you spend $10 in the Shoppe:

While Janet's featured designer freebie is fantastic, we also have the latest of our number inspired free treats from Traci, Christine, Kelly and Cheri too! The girls chose 24/7 as their theme, and this day to night beauty is one you won't want to miss! 24/7 is free when you spend $15 over the next week, so be sure to add this one to your stash before it's too late...

That was all from me for this weekend! Keep making memories and scrap more!


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