January 13, 2024

Happy Hobby: Thriftshopping - a new year, starting with a collection dedicated to old stuff!

Happy weekend dear friends, and happy New year!

I'm starting the new year with a collection dedicated to old stuff! It may look strange, but we all know what the life we live nowadays couses to nature and that we all have to think seriously, and realize that everyone should do their part, even small, to save the Earth for our children. I decided to start the new year with the next collection of my Happy hobby series dedicated to Thriftshopping, because, although small, it is still a step in that direction. Happy Hobby: Thriftshopping is cute and vintage at the same time, full of hand-drawn elements and if you're someone like me who love all things retro and try to live and shop with care for the planet you're going to love it! Happy Hobby: Thriftshopping is now out and on sale all weekend! ♥

Happy Hobby: Thriftshopping

Made to match cards

or buy the BUNDLE and save more:

I released the collection in the last minute and my Creative team girls didn't have much time to make samples with the collection, but here are at least a few to inspire you:

by Lea

by Jill

by Jacinda

by Golya

That was all from me this week. Hope you have a fabulous weekend full of memories to scrap!


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